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How to develop a mobile wallet strategy: The business view

As I conclude my series on mobile wallets, I want to talk about the business view and offer some recommendations on how to develop a mobile wallet strategy.

Horizontal versus vertical integration

The main business dimension that you should consider when determining a mobile wallet business model is the differentiation between horizontal and vertical wallets. In the case...

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NFC-based card emulation versus a light wallet: Which is best?

A key issue within the development process of proximity mobile wallets is the choice between a light wallet and a full wallet with NFC-based card emulation. This decision not only affects the technical capabilities of a proximity wallet; it also has an impact on your potential business model, partnerships, relations with stakeholders and go-to-market strategy....

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Choosing between the mobile wallet types: Proximity versus remote

For the past several weeks, we’ve been looking in detail at mobile wallets. We have defined the mobile wallet, described different types (proximity and remote, umbrella and integrated), detailed the services and functions, illustrated user scenarios, talked about analytics and looked at the wireless technologies. By now you are probably wondering what type of wallet...

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Wireless technologies and types of mobile wallet connections

In this series on mobile wallets, so far I have covered:
  • The definition of a mobile wallet
  • Proximity mobile wallets and remote mobile wallets
  • Umbrella and integrated wallets
  • Mobile wallet services and functions
  • The deployment of mobile wallet services for a user
  • Mobile wallet analytics and personalization
Wireless technologies are another key feature and enabler for mobile wallets. Wireless technologies connect the...

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Mobile wallet analytics and personalization: The value of data

We talked about the integration and deployment of various mobile wallet services for a user, but mobile wallets can go further and offer distinct capabilities for consumer data analytics and personalization. Both service providers and customers benefit from the analysis of essential customer data that can be collected from mobile wallets. The service providers gain valuable...

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