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I am looking for dedicated programmers in India

iProgrammer offers programmers to its clients who are highly educated & certified. We have a team of expert, talented and dedicated developers who work for ONLY one client at a time on one or more projects. This means that if you as a client, have been assigned a programmer then that programmer will not work for any other client until your project is completed; thus making him/her your virtual employee. We can provide you with an individual programmer or a dedicated team of programmers/software developers/designers or a combination of resources with different skill sets, to work exclusively on your project(s).

Here is how it works

  • In this model, we provide with dedicated engineers who would work exclusively on your projects on a contract basis.
  • You pay reasonable fixed monthly fees and get the job done without hassles, renegotiations, feature counts or budget overruns.
  • This is more like owning your own offshore subsidiary. Our management team becomes your back end partner. You will be managing and instructing your programmer. You call the shots and we make things happen for you.
  • You can start at any time, stop at any time, add more programmers, or even remove/replace a programmer.
  • If you have an idea/concept for a software or web application, and want programmers who are proactive  and can execute your project then we invite you to hire our dedicated programmers to work on your IT projects from our office.

The model enables you to directly manage, instruct and monitor your online programmer(s) with minimal intervention from our end. This leads to increased transparency and a higher rate of understanding of the goals and requirements that have been prescribed by you. This also leads to reduced costs and increased productive output from our programmers. The programmer will be just like your own staff member and will be directly reporting to you. Also you do not have to worry about the infrastructural requirements for these resources as they will be working only for you but from our office.

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