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iProgrammer is a galloping provider of Information Technology (IT) services focusing primarily on software development, web development, ecommerce, mobile applications and other business solutions. We aim to create rewarding and satisfying experiences for our customers.
  • Reservation Counter

    Reservation Counter is the world's second largest tier two hotel reservation site. Their booking process is very simple and user friendly. They offer competitive prices and great customer support 24 x 7. This is a high traffic high volume website with thousands of bookings per day. iProgrammer is proud to be their development partner.

  • Adoption

    Adoption.com was founded in 1997 and since then has grown to be the world’s most-used adoption service. They currently focus on causes such as adoption, fertility, pregnancy and foster care. This is again a very high traffic volume website. Its an honor and a privilege for us to be associated with a company that works to bring a difference for good in the world.

  • Idea

    Idea is India’s third largest mobile operator by subscriber base. Whether you have a Prepaid or Postpaid connection, the My Idea - Official Mobile App will simplify your life as it's loaded with features and enables you to do everything that you would want to in relation to your connection. iProgrammer is proud to be their mobile application development partner.

  • My Support Broker

    My Support Broker works nationally across UK and brings together people locally who have expertise, insight and knowledge of support and care for young and old, for those with long term illnesses, disability, dementia, mental health and other conditions. Such a noble cause. iProgrammer is happy to be their programming partner.

  • Aegis Global

    Aegis Global is a leading global business services provider of customer experience management. They offer a comprehensive suite of solutions to help you better optimize your customer experience, from strategy development through execution. iProgrammer helped them design and develop this corporate website which is a multi country website.

  • Rental Roost

    Rental Roost delivers the newest property listings to your inbox and provides you with recommendations that are personalized to your lifestyle and needs. School zones, zip codes, public transit options, and lifestyle searches are just some of the search criteria that Rental Roost uses to help you find your perfect home. We are their website designing partner.

  • Black Ink

    Black Ink is based out of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania with the founders having a collective experience of over 30 years in advertising and a deep understanding of the local market and all its challenges. They provide services like Corporate Identity and Positioning, Advertising and Marketing Communication, Web Design and Development among a host of other services.

  • Watch My Phone

    Watch My Phone is our first baby. Our first mobile app product. Gone are the days to be a Watch-Guard for your phone. Watch My Phone does it all for you. You often forget your phone on office desk or at home. Ours is an amazing wear app that automatically alerts you when you are walking away from your phone. Expect more apps soon.

  • Lana Jewelry

    Designer Lana Bramlette is known as the "Queen of Hoops". Her sleek, modern, fine gold line - Lana Jewelry - is worn by the world's most famous, stylish and beautiful women. The unmistakable collection of sexy, streamlined, architectural pieces stands alone in the contemporary fine jewelry world and is carried in the finest retailers.

  • Yiva

    Yiva offers 4 distinct products. "Yiva Sleep" drops are a concentrated, uniquely distilled form of melatonin: a natural sleep aid. "Yiva Daily Balance" helps fix menstrual related problems. "Women's Fertility Boost" helps reduce headaches, aching muscles and joints, depression etc. "Yiva Pollen-X" is a unique treatment in that it treats the cause of your allergies.

  • Inloyal

    Inloyal helps you pocket all your loyalty membership and reward cards within a single app on your mobile phone. It helps you get access to all your deals, coupons and more from your favorite retailers. One can also redeem rewards points directly on their phone, whether all or part of it. iProgrammer is their exclusive technology partner.



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