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Offshore Dedicated Teams

It’s a myth that most companies outsource work primarily to reduce costs.

These days the primary reason for outsourcing is global expansion and to add value in terms of capability and capacity.

Admittedly, when offshore outsourcing began, the outsourcer’s biggest focus was cost saving through labour arbitrage. But most outsourcing relationships based purely on cost have a tendency to fail. A certain research has shown that cost savings, although important, ranked number eleven. The primary drivers are global expansion and access to skills and we at iProgrammer have the necessary resources and skills to support offshoring of business.

Many start ups and early product developers are always on the lookout for a sincere, reliable, knowledgeable and a technically proficient development team. That’s where iProgrammer fills the gap by becoming your programming partner or say technology partner. As a product owner we want you to focus on your core business and objectives and not worry about implementation of your valuable ideas.

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Advantages of Dedicated Teams

Our Team is Your Team

Dedicated - iprogrammer.com
  • No other clients
  • No other priorities
  • We’re exclusively yours
Professional - iprogrammer.com
  • High quality design
  • High quality code
  • Flawless end product
Productive - iprogrammer.com
  • Technical
  • Domain Experts
  • Interactive
  • Proactive
  • Accountable
  • Accessible (Email, Skype, Phone)
Transparent - iprogrammer.com
  • Agile Methodology
  • Daily & Weekly Updates
  • Project Management Tools
  • English Fluency
  • Timezone Sensitive
  • Communicative