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Gartner says worldwide public cloud services market to total $131 billion

Hmmm quite a number. However, ever wondered why more and more companies have started migrating their applications and investing in Cloud services?

With increase in business comes the need to serve to a wider audience base. The high investment costs for scaling up physical infrastructure could be a game changer when it comes to expanding your business.  A slowdown in infrastructure growth would result in slowdown in business growth. It’s a classical chicken-egg situation.

With the advent of Cloud Servers now even emerging businesses can aim higher without worrying about long term investments in infrastructure. Services like Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, Linode have significantly brought down the entry cost to have large scale flexible infrastructure without compromising on quality.

iProgrammer’s managed Cloud Services adds best-practise architecture, proactive monitoring and world class support to your cloud environment. We combine the rich functionality of cloud servers with our experience in Mission Critical management to build a highly available, fault tolerant and scalable environment to support your business.

Our Cloud Offerings

Design, Development & Deployment
We can help design your application to utilize cloud services effectively. Not only that, we can also develop and configure a cloud server architecture for you to maximize your resource utilization while minimizing the costs.
Wanting to move an existing application from its current environment over to cloud servers? Look no further, as we can migrate your application to a scalable, flexible and a secure architecture.with absolutely zero downtime.
Server Management
We do not wait for things to break in order to fix them. With our experience and expertise in maintaining large scale server environments, we strive to foresee and proactively handle any ‘situation’ that could arise.
Server Security & Mitigation
Upgrades, backups, downtimes, surges, we get you covered. Free DoS mitigation and hack mitigation services to help you through the darkest hours.

Technologies & Solutions